Tips for finding the best painter decorator

Tips for finding the best painter decorator

You might be surprised to know that people spend more time in deciding on their painter decorator than they do on deciding on their decorator contractor. But what they do not realize is that poor workmanship cannot be cloaked by brilliant color and the end result is guaranteed to be unsatisfactory. It’s only when you hire the right professional decorators that you get the end result as well as services that surpass your expectations. Now that we understand its importance, we present below some tips to help choose the right painter decorator.


There is nothing like getting a recommendation from someone who had used the painter decorator’s service previously. A referral almost comes as a guarantee of good work as well as good service. Knowing firsthand about the way they deal with clients, the work they produce, their way of communication etc. might just end your search even before it begins. In case their finished work is near your area, you can always visit and house and draw your own conclusions.


It’s only a good and reliable contractor that will enjoy a professional and credible reputation in the industry. Online reviews, testimonies and comments about the company along with the extent of their professional online presence will give you the required confidence to place your trust in them.

Insurance and Accreditation

It’s vital to check into the insurance and accreditation of the contractors that are in your to be selected list. A good painter decorator would always have the right insurance backup to cover any calamities and unforeseen events. Likewise, he would also have the industry-specific accreditations to enhance its trustworthiness like accreditation for all issues covered under the Contractor Health & Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS)

Appearance and Communication

Once you have decided on a few contractors, it’s best to have a one to one interaction with them to decide if they are professional, helpful and courteous enough. While you may not give due importance to it at the time of hiring, it becomes a big source of contention afterward. It is vital that the decorator is courteous and professional in his way of communication and can understand your ideas and put forth his suggestion in a way that is understandable to you. The right behavior and communication will smoothen all rough patches that you both are bound to face ahead.

Getting Quotes and work suggestion

Once you have narrowed down the list, its best to get an idea of the work ahead and get an appropriate quote about them. They should inform you well in advance they work that they feel would fit best in your house and the approximate quote for it including their own service fee. By this way, you would get quite a bit of idea as well as approximate costing as well. Simultaneously get their timeline along with the assurance that they would complete the job in the right time as the work often gets extended much beyond the deadline. Additionally, you can throw one contractor’s idea to the other contractor and get their quote to get a fair idea of the process is fair.


Any reputed painter decorator will take extreme pride in his or her work and will genuinely strive to give you a good and honest work. They would be so confident of their work that they will not hesitate to give you guarantee on their work. In case any decorator does not offer any guarantees of their work, it’s best to steer clear of them. A guarantee from their side is a sign of commitment from them to deliver you above par excellent work.

With the above mentioned guidelines, you can be confident of hiring a right contractor who will give you a house that you would love to live in and show off for years.